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We Solve the 5 Biggest Problems with Cereal

According to an outrage-sparking report by The New York Times, 40 percent of millennials don't eat cereal. We get it. You need your breakfast to be on-the-go, of-the-moment, and of course, undeniably delicious. And a breakfast sandwich really fits that bill much better. Or does it? Maybe it's just time to think beyond the bowl.

Photography by: Johnny Miller

Your Problem with Cereal: It's inconvenient.

Think about it: When was the last time you had a sit-down breakfast? (No, brunch doesn't count.) According to the Times article, almost 40 percent of the millennials surveyed by Mintel said cereal was an inconvenient breakfast choice because of the cleanup. Cereal is the original convenience food! So what makes it inherently inconvenient today? We are constantly on the go from work or school to home and back again, and a bowl of splashing milk and cereal isn't commuter friendly. Now cereal bars, on the other hand? That's more like it. Make them in a big batch ahead of the work week, and grab them as you head out the door every morning instead of your go-to granola bar.


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Your Problem with Cereal: It's too sugary.

If we're being honest, most cereal is more of a dessert than a breakfast. After downing a cold bowl laden with milk and sugar, we feel bloated, groggy, and uninspired -- not the best way to kick off the day. Want something more savory, more packed with protein and fiber? A hearty breakfast bowl of barley cooked with sweet potato, banana, and nuts is a heartier, healthier way to start the day.


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Photography by: Romulo Yanes

Your Problem with Cereal: It's misleading.

We already explained to you how industry standards confuse consumers with their packaging and product ingredients. So it's best to get back to basics. Opting for wholesome ingredients (think: brown rice or muesli for a hot cereal) or even your own homemade granola takes the guesswork out of the nutritional value and makes the meal more meaningful. There are also more responsible cereals now, like the American Made winner Back to the Roots.


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Your Problem with Cereal: It's not about the cereal at all.

Controversial opinion here: the best part of breakfast cereal is not actually the cereal –- it's the milk. Anyone who's grown up with out-of-the-box cereal knows the best part of the eating experience is drinking the sweet flavorful milk pooled at the bottom of the bowl. Just ask Christina Tosi, baker and co-owner of the now-famous Momofuku Milk Bars in New York City. Her signature recipe for Cereal Milk -– with it's caramelized corn flake flavor -– tastes exactly like that bowl of post-cereal milk, only you don't even have to eat the cereal. Magic!


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Your Problem with Cereal: It's boring.

A cold, soggy bowl is a sad thing. Know what's better? How about Crispy chicken coated in puffed rice cereal, snack mix with salty pretzels and savory Parmesan cheese, or cornflake-chocolate chip-marshmallow cookies? We've never been more inspired (or hungry).


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