Never waste time looking for a pen again.

By Lindsay Pierce
February 29, 2016
Ditte Isager

There's always that awkward "leftover" drawer-the one with items that you're not sure what to do with. Over time, that drawer becomes: the junk drawer. You're not proud of it (and heaven forbid someone accidentally opens it).

The first step to moving forward in your super-organized life is admitting that this black hole of random items is kind of a problem. How many mornings do you spend shuffling through your junk drawer to find your keys? Or trying to find that form you filled out a long time ago and swore you put in this drawer? We think it's time to overhaul the junk drawer.

Step 1: Assess

Trying to do everything at once can be overwhelming. Start small. First, take everything out of the drawer and lay it out on the counter. Spread it out, and take a good look at it. Why is this "junk" to you? Is it really junk, or does it just need to go in the right place?

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Step 2: Take Control of Loose Papers

You'll probably find that most everything in your junk drawer is paper-information you needed to keep at one point, but might not need anymore. Consider creating a password-protected file on your computer where you can keep any important information you find. This helps eliminate paper products, and frees up your drawer to store other things! And, if you haven't touched a particular item in about a year, throw it out.

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Annie Schlechter

Step 3: Organize

Now for the fun part: organize your goods and put them back in the drawer. It is possible to have a drawer of organized, mismatched items (as long as they do not belong anywhere else). Think: a pouch for recipets or a bowl for small, loose items. This will create a "miscellaneous" drawer. Many people think that it is the same as having a junk drawer-but it is not!

Watch us organize a kitchen junk drawer in the video below.

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