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Tissue Paper Pom-Pom Sheep

Hosting a springtime baaaa-sh? Your guests won't be able to resist "oohing" and "awwing" over these fluffy sheep decorations, made easily with white tissue paper and cardstock.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Cut garland into individual pom-poms. Before fluffing tissue, twist two black pipe cleaners around the center (about 2-3 twists).

  2. Continue to fluff pom-poms.

  3. Using the circle punch, punch out black cardstock for the head.

  4. Cut two opposite edges of the circle for the ears. Trim the center piece to shape the face.

  5. Using the ballpoint glue pen, adhere the ears and face to one of the outer layers of the pom-pom to create a sheep.

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