9 Mother's Day Activities That Are Better Than Breakfast in Bed

Make your mom feel extra special by planning something unique to mix up the routine this year—she'll appreciate the change of pace and the quality time she gets to spend with her loved ones.

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Mother's Day is always a time filled with love and appreciation, but instead of simply presenting your mom with the same handmade gifts, cards, or breakfast in bed, why not spend the day doing something extra special together? Dreaming up a memorable day chock-full of fun activities for just the two of you is a guaranteed way to make her smile. If you're looking for unique Mother's Day activity ideas, we have you covered. Ahead, we're sharing our favorite ways to celebrate Mom on her special day.

Amp up brunch.

Sure, you've treated Mom to a delicious brunch before, but have you hosted one with a special theme? Tailor your plans around a motif she loves, like roses, polka dots, or her favorite color. Then, get the entire family involved. You prepare the food while the kids help decorate the table with crafts and décor they made themselves. When creating a menu that your mom will love, consider adding some of our brunch favorites, like a sweet-and-savory combination of Oven-Fried Chicken and Buttermilk Oat Waffles for a Southern-Inspired fête, as pictured above.

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Make a scrapbook.

Take your mom for a trip down memory lane by turning her boxes of old photos into a commemorative scrapbook. This fun activity is also the perfect opportunity to get creative: Head to the craft store and pick out fun paper, ribbons, stickers, and more to give the book extra personality. Not only is it something you can do together, but the end result will be something she—and future generations—will cherish forever.


Have a garden party.

Celebrate Mom and the arrival of warmer weather by throwing her an outdoor celebration. If the woman of the hour has a green thumb, we say plan a little garden party! Even if Mom is the only one on the guest list with a knack for gardening, everyone can enjoy the sunshine and balmy spring weather, as well as a delicious spread of food. Not only will it be a celebration she loves, but it's also the perfect opportunity to get her ahead on spring gardening. You can prepare new beds, plant container-grown plants, and get the bird feeders ready for her feathered pals.

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Create a few floral arrangements.

Mother's Day always falls during spring, when new blooms are at their peak. Take advantage of the season's bounty and create stunning floral arrangements with your mom during her special day. Choose a vessel that speaks to her design preferences (an urn with patina works well if she's a vintage lover or go with a sleek black compote for something more modern) then walk around your neighborhood together to forage for stems and foliage. When you're done, she'll have a beautiful piece of décor to display in her home (and so will you!).

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Pack a picnic.

It doesn't take much to plan a picnic—all you need is a comfortable blanket, a packed feast of favorite snacks, and a few to-go games, then you're ready to set up camp at the local park. When packing your picnic basket, don't forget to bring some of your mom's favorites. Does she love a well-crafted charcuterie board? Pack cured meats, artisanal cheeses, nuts, fruit, and more fixings. Or perhaps your guest of honor has a sweet tooth. If that's the case, don't forget to bring along our S'more bars—they're portable and guaranteed to satisfy.

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Make it a "Mom" movie night.

Tonight, Mom is walking the red carpet! Give her an unforgettable movie theater-style experience from home by whipping up a spread of her favorite snacks, like popcorn and candy. Make her feel extra special and give Mom a VIP ticket to the front row—even if it's just the two of you on the guest list. Don't forget everything you'll need to make the set-up extra cozy, such as an assortment of blankets and pillows.

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Set up a scavenger hunt.

Want to plan something interactive that the whole family can get involved in? A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep Mom busy! Start in the morning and leave a trail of clues for her to follow. We love the idea of each clue hinting at a happy family memory and leading to all of the places that mean something special. Eventually, your matriarch will arrive at the real gift: a surprise party with immediate family!

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Treat her to an at-home spa day.

Mother's Day is all about making Mom feel pampered and there's perhaps no better way to do so than to actually pamper her. Start by giving her a homemade voucher for a full day of relaxation and an accompanying itinerary that details when you'll draw her bubble bath, give her a facial, paint her nails, and complete more spa-day activities. As part of her present, shower her with a complete set of luxurious beauty products (think lotion, skincare products, and hair supplies), as well as soft towels, and a bathrobe.

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Make something beautiful together.

If Mom is your family's resident creative, she'd likely prefer to spend her day of honor creating. Take advantage of the warm weather by setting up a craft or project that she and your group can tackle together outdoors. As for what to make? Consider dedicating your efforts to beautiful things she will use throughout the season, like these pest-repelling (and lovely!) citronella candles or this floral linen-covered terra-cotta pot.

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