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How to DIY a Hanging Basket of Vegetables and Herbs

These glorious gardens blend well into any environment and are easier to create than they might seem. Follow our how-to and get tips from Martha on how to keep your hanging basket lush and fruitful.

Photography by: Kate Mathis

1. Find the Basket

You can purchase hanging baskets at any garden store or even at tag sales. You can also repurpose a fruit basket, which we did above and think is pretty cool.


2. Decide on Burlap or Moss

The hanging plant above is lined with just some soaked sphagum moss (about two inches to the rim) and filled with potting soil. You can also opt to go with a burlap lining if you wish -- it's a little more work but the results are beautiful.


3. Fill in with Plants

Think about what edibles you would love to harvest. You'll want to reserve plants that stick straight up, like rosemary and lavendar, for the middle of the basket. Small tomato and pepper plants that droop, would work well for the sides. Pretty much any herb or vegetable that does not require a lot of space would work well. The one above is filled with sage, basil, and mint.


4. Attach the Chain or Hanging Device 

Trust us, saving this step for nearly the end will save you a lot of drama. If you haven't decided on how to hang your plant yet, may we suggest something like this button plant sling?


5. Hang it Up!

Now your plant is ready for hanging. You’ll want to start the basket at about eye level -- since the plants have not blossomed yet, you want to be able to see the greenery on top so that you are not just staring at a big brown bowl. As the plants start to grow, you can adjust the height. Martha likes to use a pulley system for easy lowering and raising. This comes in really handy when it is time to prune! Learn More About Martha’s Pulley System for Hanging Baskets


Hang it in a sunny spot outdoors, and water it whenever the soil feels dry.


Watch Martha demonstrate how to make a hanging basket of tomatoes and flowers: