How to Make Charming Papier-Mâché Bird Nests for Easter

The trick? A balloon.

Photo: Aaron Dyer

Easter is right around the corner, and if you haven't spruced up your home for the coming of spring, it's time to hop to it! These miniature papier-mâché bowls-in the shape of bird nests-are perfect for presenting your Easter goodies. Think: truffle chocolate eggs, Peeps-inspired marshmallow treats, adorable egg-shaped sugar cookies, and the cutest coconut macaron nests we've ever imagined.

These adorable mini nests are a novel way to present Easter goodies-and put shredded paper (from your home office or recycled packing material) to good use. You can make your own shredded paper with wrapping paper, colored scrapbook paper, or even newspaper. At your holiday celebration, the ideas are endless: Create an oversized nest as a whimsical centerpiece or present them individually as a place setting for each guest, filled with candies for casual snacking. For the kids, nestle these treats here and there throughout the home for an extra-special touch to your Easter egg hunt.


Small balloon

Small jar

Decoupage finish (Pictured: Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Multi-Surface Durable Matte Finish, $10 for 8 oz.,


Shredded paper (Pictured: Crinkle-Cut Paper Shred, in Kraft and White, $3 for 3 oz.,


1. Blow up balloon until diameter reflects desired nest size (ours are 3 to 5 inches wide). Rest balloon on jar, knotted-end down.

2. In a small dish, mix equal parts decoupage finish and water. Brush mixture onto top half of balloon to create a guide for nest.

3. Lay strips of shredded paper onto glue-covered area, covering as much as you can.

4. Dip small handfuls of crumpled shredded paper in glue mixture, and continue adding to create a full nest. Let dry overnight.

5. Pop balloon. Top off inside of nest with additional shredded paper, and fill with small treats.

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