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Multitasking Kitchen Cabinets: 4 Tricks That Will Save You Time and Space

Already one of the most used features in your house, it's hard to imagine that kitchen cabinets could offer any more service than they already do. But what if we told you, with a little imagination, you could transform your cabinets into so much more? Read on!

The Picture of Efficiency



Are you organizing your kitchen cabinets the best way you could? Do you have store-bought plate and bowl racks installed? They add shelves in between shelves, potentially doubling how many pieces you can store! Dowels and molding strips -- some placed horizontally, others vertically -- make room for large items stored standing up. Want more tips?

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Photography by: Ellie Miller

Message Board


Whether you are using cork or chalkboard paint, the panels of a cabinet are perfect for displaying memorabillia or leaving messages for other members of your household!

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Hidden Storage


Don't let kitchen rags and dishwashing gloves clutter the sink area. Instead, hang them from hooks screwed to the inside of a cabinet door, where the items can stay out of sight. Another trick we love? Hanging a pot rack or rod inside a kitchen cabinet door. That way, you can hang all your sprays and cleaners on it!

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Photography by: Kate Mathis

Doll House


Here is the perfect way to keep a dollhouse contained! Blogger and cookbook author Jenny Rosenstrach, of Dinner: A Love Story, turned a small cabinet into a mini house for her daughters. We bet you're willing to give up a cabinet for the luxury of having such an easy-to-clean-up toy! Best part is, your kids can be in the kitchen with you without requiring too much of your attention.

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This is a particularly great idea if you have open shelving or glass-door kitchen cabinets. A really easy way to accomplish this look is with shelving paper. You can use wallpaper or prints as well. It'll make opening the cabinet to fetch that glass so much more pleasurable.

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