12 Recipes You Have to Master If You're the Martha of Your Friends

Ile Flottante with Caramel
Photo: Gentl and Hyers

​​If you're the Martha Stewart of your circle, chances are you host dinner parties for 12 or 20, bake your own whole-wheat sticky buns every weekend, and pipe a mean basketweave. If you're looking for some new and challenging recipes to up your culinary ante, here are some classics you should master if you have Martha chops (and if you haven't already!), and a few tricky recipes that we think you'll ace.

These awe-inspiring dishes are just the impressive dinner recipes and stunning desserts that your friends and family expect and hope for when you invite them over for a meal. Delight them with something only you—and Martha—could make.

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Beef Wellington


Cue the foie gras, the best versions of this classic recipe call for the beef fillet to be spread with pâté—and Martha opts for a foie gras version—then topped with the rich mushroom mixture known as duxelles, then encased in puff pastry.

If you're intimidated, try our Mini Beef Wellingtons which can be made ahead—they're sure to impress your dinner guests.

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Raspberry and Chocolate-Hazelnut Crepe Cake

raspberry and chocolate hazelnut crepe cake
Ryan Liebe

Crepe making-skills and patience are needed to make this luscious layered "cake." Martha is very partial to the crepe cake, get her tips for acing making one.

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Salt-Baked Arctic Char


For drama and for taste! This technique for cooking a whole fish looks intimidating and rather like something only a restaurant chef (or Martha) would do. Actually cooking meat or fish in a salt crust is a time-honored method used by the Romans. It seals the fish, and cooks it—without overwhelming it with salt. Wrapping the artic char in leeks is a totally Martha touch—and makes for an even more spectacular presentation.

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"Twice Baked" Baby Potatoes with Caviar

"Twice Baked" Baby Potatoes with Caviar recipe
Con Poulos

Why bake them once when twice is so much better? And forget about sour cream and chives. When you need a dainty yet different hors d'oeuvres for your next party you know it needs to be finished with caviar!

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Ile Flottane

Ile flottante

Consider this entry-level spectacular. This French classic, resembling floating islands (hence the name), will surely to wow your dinner guests.

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Sure cassoulet is rich, meaty, and hard to resist. Yes it takes a while to prep: Martha's recipe is a two-day process that calls for roasting ducks and a goose, browning lamb and pork in duck fat, and combining all along with beans, garlic sausage, herbs, and plenty of wine. This mammoth dish feeds about 50. Do you have enough silverware?

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Turkey-Tail Rolls

Turkey-Tail Rolls
Earl Carter

You're someone who likes to make dinner rolls as well as the dinner, why make typical rolls when you can make ones that resemble turkey tails? Don't save this recipe for Thanksgiving, give it a try today.

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8-Layer Lasagna

Bryan Gardner

Not your usual weeknight casserole, this recipe takes "lasagna" to a new level (layer?!). Pork shoulder, porcini and cremini mushrooms, homemade lasagna noodles, plenty of Marsala, Parmesan, and lots of béchamel—all layered in individual portions (gold ramekins are optional).

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Creamed Spinach with Poached Eggs and Brioche Croutons

John Kernick

If you're the Martha of your circle then a breakfast casserole doesn't cut it for brunch. You need individual ramekins of rich, creamed spinach topped with poached eggs and finished with brioche croutons. Bonus points if you made your own brioche.

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Baked Alaska Tree

baked alaska tree
Chris Simpson

If you're ready for a sweet challenge this is the recipe you need. Martha's jaw-dropping confection takes Baked Alaska to new heights. It's an ambitious project that will require at least a full day of freezing time. Chocolate and peppermint ice creams are formed into a cone mold, one you make at home because you can. Once frozen firm, the "tree" is coated in crushed wafers and snowy meringue and finished tableside with a kitchen torch for that beautiful burnished look.

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Coconut Layer Cake


If you like your cakes tall, try this six-layered beauty, it's one of Martha's favorite recipes. Or if you love to pipe, get out your basketweave tip ready to decorate this rich coconut fantasy instead.

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Brown Sugar Butternut Squash Pie

Will Anderson

Some think a crimped crust is fancy. You know better, a fishtail braided rim is where it's at. The pastry stars, snowflakes, and crescents are a nice touch on top of the spiced filling made with fresh butternut squash.

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