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This Brilliant Trick to Decorating Easter Eggs Turns Mess into Magic

Hint: All you need to do is raid your pantry.

Photography by: Chelsea McNamara

Take a cue from delicately dappled quail eggs and sponge-marked spatterware pottery: Make simple speckled eggs in a cheerful color palette. There's no need to hand-paint spot by spot -- just a few shakes and swirls in a mixture of food dye and dry pantry items will turn ordinary eggs into mottled masterpieces.  

Photography by: Chelsea McNamara

Add a few coordinating accents for a bright and beautiful table display. For a striking centerpiece that celebrates the season, fill storebought spatterware and paint-splattered disposable bowls with speckled eggs. Use hard-cooked eggs and food-safe dyes so guests can help themselves.


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Photography by: Chelsea McNamara

Chances are, everything you need to make these dappled beauties is already in your kitchen: dried grains or legumes, food dye, and eggs. All of the supplies shown here impart particularly impressive speckles -- but feel free to test out any small dry spices or grains you have on hand.


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How to Make Splatter Paint Eggs

A shop-your-pantry supply list and a technique so easy it's child's play make these eggs an ideal last-minute Easter craft. To get the look, simply mix food dye and dry foods (like the ones listed above) in a paper cup, then add a hard-cooked egg. Gently shake and swirl the cups to create stunning speckles.

Photography by: Chelsea McNamara


Paper cups
Dried grains or beans, or nuts
Liquid food dye (Food color and egg dye, in Assorted and Neon Colors,
White vinegar (optional)
Hard-cooked eggs, plain or dyed
Egg-drying pin board


Learn How to Make an Easter Egg Drying Pin-Board


1. Fill each cup about one-quarter full of grains, beans, or nuts. Add 10 to 15 drops of food dye. Swirl each until dye coats contents; the mixture should be damp but not soaked. (Note: If mixture dries, add a drop of vinegar or a little more dye.)


2. Place an egg in a cup. Gently shake and swirl cup to speckle egg. Repeat with more eggs and colors.


3. Let eggs dry on pin board.


Tip: Curating a handmade basket? Tuck them into a basket of similarly-speckled treats for a unified look. Here, we included our splatter-painted eggs with speckled candy wrappers and sponge-painted sugar cookies.


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