Here's What Martha Serves at Her Super Bowl Party

Wings, nachos, and a bourbon cocktail that's a surefire touchdown are all part of her game-day plan.

skillet chili nachos
Photo: Justin Walker

When it comes to the Super Bowl, Martha, like some of us, is a fan of the food more than the football. Crowd-pleasing snacks like chicken wings (along with plenty of beer) are hard to resist. When the two top teams face off, Martha will be ready with her winning selection of game day appetizers. Ahead, find her go-to recipes.

One quick tip from our founder? Don't serve all the food upfront. You have to have a halftime game! If everyone loads up on wings, nachos, and cheese at the start of the game, they'll be too sleepy to make it through the second half. As every coach knows, timing is everything!

Ultimate Indeed

Tortilla chips are topped with refried beans, Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, pickled and fresh jalapeños, canned black olives, and a little chili sauce before being baked. It takes less than 10 minutes to achieve this nacho nirvana, otherwise known as our Ultimate Nachos. Sour cream, fresh cilantro, and chopped tomatoes are the cool, fresh garnishes. Martha likes to serve these right before kick off.


The Main Game

Of course, no game day would be complete without Buffalo hot wings—Martha knows that few can say no to these spicy wings and that rich blue cheese dipping sauce.


Baked Not Fried

It's so very Martha to serve more than one type of wings at a Super Bowl party. These irresistible Maple-Dijon Chicken Wings are a three-ingredient wonder and cook in the oven.

game day cheese ball
Minh + Wass

Cheese Wins

Totally classic, a cheese ball works for a swanky cocktail party but is also at home on a game-day spread. Martha's favorite is a creamy and delicious Cheddar Cheese Ball; mango chutney adds an unexpected flavor and the crunchy coating of toasted pecans is the perfect contrast. Best of all, it can be made-ahead!

Citrus Arnold Palmer with Bourbon
Dana Gallagher

Drink Up

Every game-day event will have beer, but Martha also likes to serve something fruity and strong— preferably a drink with a kick of bourbon, like this Citrus Arnold Palmer. No host has time to be shaking cocktails on demand, but a pitcher of something ticks all the boxes.

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