There are two types of people in this world: those who do it the Martha way, and everybody else.
Credit: Romulo Yanes

1. Cinnamon-sugar palmiers? Flaky croissants? A classic French pain au chocolat? A sky-high soufflé? For most people, they're storebought; for you, it's simply all in a day's baking.

2. For most people, the idea of hosting a party of ten is a challenge. But for you? The more guests, the merrier. (And more opinions on your new chocolate tart recipe!)


3. At least once a week, you see something at the store and think, "I can probably make that."

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Credit: Bryan Gardner

4. Holidays aren't relegated to one day. (It takes at least a month of prepping.)

Credit: Raymond Hom

5. An organized home is a happy home.


6. And your favorite compound word is "clutter-free."

Credit: Courtesy of Annie Schlechter

7. You live your life by one rule: mise en place.


8. You can tell everything about a person based on what's in their fridge.


9. Trash? What trash? It's called upcycling.


10. And that's why you can never bring yourself to throw away a button.

Credit: Paul BARBERA

11. You never leave the house without making the bed -- and you know how to fold a fitted sheet.

Credit: Paul BARBERA

12. A label maker is your secret weapon.

Credit: Kate Mathis

13. Half of the ingredients on your shopping list are near impossible to find. ("Now where does one buy rose water?")


14. You've perfected your recipe for flaky, crumbly pie crust.

Credit: Marcus Nilsson

15. Your idea of heaven on earth is a farmer's market in summertime.


16. But if you're stuck indoors on a cold winter day, it's an opportunity to deep-clean the house, try out a new squash soup recipe, or put your sewing machine to good use.

Branching Out Inspired by leaves that hang in unusual ways, Blessing and Kayne tied pinecones with twine and looped them over a fallen branch.
| Credit: Kathryn Barnard

17. When facing any project, you won't stop until you're satisfied with the results. (Sorry, but there's no such thing as "good enough.")


18. When life gives you lemons, you don't only make lemonade -- you scrub the cutting boards.


19. An extra scrap of fabric never goes to waste -- it can always be sewn, dyed, or quilted into something new!

Credit: Paul BARBERA

20. All of your friends have you on speed dial. Because let's face it, as the "Martha" of your friends, you're their go-to party planner, recipe tester, and DIYer.


21. More than once, you've caught yourself saying, "that's a Good Thing!"

I always cut from the garden early in the morning—before the heat of the day—which is easier on the plant.
| Credit: John Dolan


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