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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining an Apartment

So you just moved to the city and got your first big-girl apartment! But... You work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (or 9 p.m.) and have a 45-minute commute. You barely have time to cook dinner, let alone workout and socialize! And cleaning? Forget it! What's a girl to do? Keep these tips in mind, and your life will never fall into total disarray. 


Daily: Take Out the Trash

When you have a small apartment, every speck of dirt is noticeable. On the flip side, you have so much less square footage to clean! Let's start with the obvious -- taking out the garbage. Your apartment is too small to leave discarded food in a trash can for too long. Plan on taking out the trash either every day or every other day. Tie up the bag at night and place it by the door. When you leave for work the next morning, all you have to do is carry it down the stairs with you! Efficiency at its best. While we're at it, let's reiterate that you should never, ever leave dishes in the sink overnight -- they'll only smell up your apartment. Also, they are infinitely more annoying to wash when they are crusted over. Stuck-on food = every lazy girl's nightmare.


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Daily: Put Things Away

Did you blow-dry and curl your hair in the bathroom this morning? Chances are you left both tools sitting out for you or your roommate to stumble over. Leaving items out -- whether on your dresser, in the bathroom, or on the floor -- is a big no-no in a small space. If you are the type of person who tries on five different outfits in the morning, make sure you put them all away -- if not right away, then right when you get home. We know from experience that things can pile up super quickly.


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Weekly: Clean Surfaces

Cooking with oil on a stove makes your kitchen surfaces grimy. Brushing your hair leaves a coat on your floor. If ignored, these things will build up fast. Use a sponge or a plastic scrub brush to thoroughly clean the top of your stove, and use a gentle cleaning product and a towel to wipe your countertops. Disinfect your bathroom every week (using a bleach-based product to clean your bathtub), and you'll definitely notice a difference -- promise! Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom should take less than five minutes if you're using the right products. The key is to clean more often in small increments. You can easily clean your kitchen and bathroom after dinner. Just think of it as part of your routine!


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Weekly: Change Your Sheets

We recommend buying an extra set of sheets so you can change them every week without having a bare bed. Take off your dirty sheets, and throw them in the wash before you go to bed. In the morning, transfer your sheets to the dryer, and let the machine do its job while you're busy at work! If you don't have a washer and dryer in your apartment, having an extra set of sheets is essential. Also, since you have a smaller space, it's best to do smaller loads of laundry more frequently.


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