Just call it puppy love.

By Alexandra Churchill
January 31, 2016
Bryan Gardner

1. It only takes a wagging tail or a meeting of the eyes to know how he's feeling. It's like you share your own secret language.

2. Your friends share baby pictures on Facebook, and you? Well…

Sarah McGraw

3. Hands down, Bring Your Dog to Work Day is your favorite holiday.

Amanda Pham

4. This is what "baking cookies for the kids" looks like.

Stephen Lewis

5. He's in every family portrait.

Karl Juengel

6. He even made a cameo in your holiday card last year.

Mike Krautter

7. And your wedding day? Better with a furry best man.

Bryan Gardner

8. In the pet store, you "ooh and ahh" over the pet apparel: the collars, the dresses, the jackets, the itty-bitty boots.

10. And knitted sweaters.

Churchill, Alexandra

11. And even this bedazzled collar.

Francesca and Sharkey make fine companions for GK.

12. Admit it: You took one look at this Easter basket and thought, "Why not?"

Mike Krautter

13. He has his own Instagram account… and more followers than you.

Sarah McGraw

14. He's the cuddly companion on all your travels.

Sean Greene

15. But when you do leave him home alone, nothing makes you smile more than the tail-wagging, body-shaking happy dance he does when you walk back through the door.

Sarah McGraw

16. Because, after all, dog is man's best friend, and he's definitely yours.

Sarah McGraw


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