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5 Major Misconceptions About Martha Stewart

She's not all about hosting parties and baking creme brulee.


As someone in the spotlight, Martha is known for a many number of things: baking, cooking, DIY decorating, and hosting the happiest of all holiday parties.


Out of the spotlight? Martha might surprise you. Granted, her principles never waver: She still upholds the ideals of organization, household practicality, and artistic inspiration. But Martha's reputation for perfection precedes her in a way that makes her seem less-than-relatable. But that’s where you would be wrong. There's always more to Martha than meets the eye.

"She's boring."

The truth: She's the life of the party!

We'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you missed Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber. We might be biased, but Martha had the best zingers of the night. It was a LOL-worthy lineup of Hannibal Burress, Jeff Ross, Natasha Leggero, and Kevin Hart -- she topped them all. And, whether she's flinging melted cheese at David Letterman, riding a Mardi Gras float with Conan O'Brien on "Late Night," or pulling pranks on her staff, she is always down for a laugh.

"She's more interested in French toast than fashion."

The truth: Martha is tres chic.

She may be known for her signature look -- collared shirts and practical footwear -- but Martha is a great admirer of fashion designers and the work they do. Not to mention, Martha herself was a fashion model back in the day. During her college years, she appeared in fashion shows, editorial spreads, and print advertisements for iconic brands like Chanel. So yes, although she is really into French toast, she is very much still in style.


"She's not athletic."

The truth: She's an avid athlete.

Morning workouts, mountain hikes, and excursions into the great outdoors are all part of Martha's routine. She even made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro! And ask anyone who has visited Skylands, her estate in Maine, and they'll tell you about the mandatory 5 a.m. hikes. (And you thought YOU were a morning person?)


"She prescribes to 'old-school' ideas."

The truth: She's fascinated by technology, innovation, and new ways to do it better.

"When you're through changing," she commonly says, "you're through." While Martha believes that the classics -- that is, classic recipes, classic styles, and classic craft techniques -- have endured for a reason, she is always looking for the next new way of doing something. Martha believes that you should learn something new every day, whether it's flying a drone, the latest one-pot technique to cooking pasta, or using 3-D printers.

"She gets it perfect every single time."

The truth: (Not always.)

Martha may be a self-admitted perfectionist, but even the domestic goddess herself has had a few "oops" moments of her own. Her first time hosting Thanksgiving, she burned the turkey. As a young caterer, she nearly ruined a dinner party hosted by Paul Newman. Oh, and there was that now-famous incident with the pomegranates. Practice makes perfect, and Martha has had a lifetime of practice. So if at first you don't succeed, try again (and again, and again -– however many times it takes to get it right). After all, that's what Martha did.