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15 Next-Level Cocktails to Help You Step Up Your Mixology Game

Impress your guests with one of these yummy cocktails for a guaranteed good time! 

Photography by: Johnny Miller

Grilled Peach Old Fashioned

This drink is not for the faint of heart. If you love the classic, you'll love this variation. The grilled peach adds smoky sweetness and foodie flair.


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Photography by: Johnny Miller

Upside-Down Martini

James Bond's pick, but with a twist. Whereas a traditional martini is one part vermouth and 4 parts gin (or vodka), this version flips the ration and uses an Argentinian wine instead of vermouth. Intrigued? Can be served shaken or stirred! 


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manhattan kir royale
Photography by: David Loftus

Manhattan Kir Royale

Have you heard of a Kir Royale? It's a famous French drink made with black-currant liqueur and Champagne (yum!). We mixed it with a classic Manhattan (whiskey, vermouth, and bitters) for a world-class cocktail. (Garnish with white currants.)


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Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Pineapple-Mint Daiquiri

The pineapple daiquiri is almost too pretty to drink! Made with lemon juice, ripe pineapples, mint leaves, and white rum, you'll feel closer to the equator with every sip.


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Pineapple-Basil Margarita

We had to include a good margarita! Basil and tons of fruit add a complexity to this cocktail. Viva, Mexico!


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Ginger Sidecar

It could be the ginger or the maple syrup, but there is something so cozy and comforting about this drink! Serve warm on a snowy day for best effect.


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French 75

If you love a good gin and tonic, this drink is for you! Combine gin, lemon juice, and a single sugar cube, then shake. Top with Champagne -- as, perhaps, you should with all things!


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Bloody (Orange) Mary

This cocktail is everything you love about a bloody mary, plus everything you love about a screwdriver! What a day-maker.


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Photography by: Randy Harris

Plum Negroni

Everyone should know how to make a Negroni. We love this version made with fresh plums, gin, Aperol, and seltzer. It's perfect served in a pitcher so guests can help themselves to refills.


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Similar to a Dark n' Stormy, this drink is, well, dark and stormy! A rye whiskey drink with bitters, anise-flavored liqueur, and lemon twists -- you and your friends will brood over this cocktail for a while.


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Ramos Gin Fizz

Light and frothy, this New Orleans-based drink is much like a White Russian, but with a touch of citrus. Mix gin with lime juice, lemon juice, orange flower water, egg whites, and light cream. Garnish with cinnamon -- delish!


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Peach Julep

Hello, sweet thing! Traditional mint julep gets a sweet upgrade with peach juice and bourbon. 


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Photography by: Andrew Purcell

Planter's Punch

Every good host has an excellent punch recipe up her sleeve. This should be yours!


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Pisco Sour

If you really want to impress? Try this Peruvian cocktail with Pisco brandy, lemon juice, bitters, and lime. 

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Photography by: Petrina Tinslay

Hibiscus Cosmopolitan

And you thought a cosmo by itself was fancy! Okay, it is, but you can add lots of different flavors to a cosmopolitan to make it even more worth the hype! Try infusing a cosmo with hibiscus iced tea for a refreshing take on a classic drink.


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