Brrrrrrring it on.
winter woods
Credit: Image Source/Hugh Whitaker

It only takes one foreboding weather forecast to turn what should be a shimmering winter wonderland into a wasteland. This time of year, it's easy to be swept up in winter woes. Below-zero temperatures make the great outdoors less than inviting. Oh, and your car is buried under five feet of snow!

On days like these it's tempting to crank up the heat, pile on the blankets, and binge on Netflix. But if you find yourself languishing, here are a few ideas to combat your cabin fever.

1. Try a new recipe. One that you would never otherwise even dream of making. Might we suggest a beautifully browned soufflé? Flavored with tangerine, milk chocolate, or cheese-and-kale? (Trust us when we say, it's easier than it looks.)

Credit: John Kernick

Or sip on something sweet. Is it even a snow day without a cup of hot chocolate and a batch of pillowy-soft marshmallow snowflakes?


2. If you're feeling ambitious, rearrange an entire room. You'd be amazed at how repositioning a few pieces of furniture and tweaking the lighting can instantly declutter and brighten a space.

Branching Out Inspired by leaves that hang in unusual ways, Blessing and Kayne tied pinecones with twine and looped them over a fallen branch.
| Credit: Kathryn Barnard

3. Plant a winter-friendly container garden. This arrangement - a forest of miniature evergreens planted in a gleaming brass bowl - makes a show-stopping seasonal centerpiece.

Credit: Lennart Weibull

4. Craft a set of sparkling snow globes. If you want to enjoy falling snow without, you know, actual snow… a set of snow globes keeps it all under glass.


5. Knit a pair of mittens. And if you're new to knitting, a snow storm is the perfect excuse to learn.

Credit: Christopher Baker

6. Clean-spree your closet. Because you don't really need that dress from your cousin's wedding five years ago, do you?

Credit: Bryan Gardner

7. Arrange a photo wall display. Isn't it about time you printed those images off your phone and enjoyed them in full, living color? Hang your favorites in a staggered collage.

Credit: Paul BARBERA

8. Send funny photo cards to all your friends. (Goofy snapshots optional, but definitely recommended.)


9. Watch everything in Martha's Netflix queue. Who knew she was such a big fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal?


10. Light up a roaring fire… if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, that is. Here's an idea for a fragrant fire starter: Use hemp twine to bundle small pine branches and cones, as well as dried orange slices, sage, lavender, or eucalyptus.

A Natural SparkA wonderful assembly-line-style gift, these fire starters were made almost entirely from things found in the woods. Thin hemp string, which burns cleanly, ties all the elements together.
| Credit: Kathryn Barnard

11. Sink into a luxurious bubble bath. Add flickering candles, scented bath fizzies, sudsy soaps, and exfoliating body scrubs (and maybe a glass of your favorite wine?) and you're all set for the afternoon. Lather, rinse, relax, and repeat.


12. Let it snow... indoors! You can fold and cut a flurry of snowflakes to decorate the whole house.

Credit: Victoria Pearson

Feeling inspired? Watch this video for three ways to use paper snowflakes:


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