Broad pappardelle are often reserved for special-occasion dishes -- this lobster-and-mint sauce definitely qualifies. Veteran pasta eaters will know: Just pick up one pappardella at a time; once you have it wrapped around the fork, you'll have a substantial, delicious bundle.

Martha Stewart Living, February 2005


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  • Marinate lobster meat in oil, garlic, lemon juice, and chiles in a large nonreactive bowl 30 minutes.

  • Bring a large pot of water to a boil; add salt. Add pasta; cook until al dente. Drain. Heat tomato sauce in a large skillet over medium-high heat until hot.

  • Add lobster, marinade, and pasta to skillet. Season with salt and pepper. Cook, tossing well, until pasta and lobster are heated through. Transfer to a serving dish, and scatter mint on top.

Cook's Notes

Its hard to beat the convenience of store-bought cooked lobster meat. On the other hand, home-cooked lobster tastes fresher and is more tender. Either will work in this recipe. If you boil or steam your own, you'll need to buy four 1 1/2-pound lobsters to yield enough meat. After lobsters are cooked, remove meat from them (pick over and remove any shells), and cut it into one-inch pieces.