Warm Up with Martha's Favorite Winter Soup Recipes

Nothing comforts on a cold night like a bowl of hearty, homemade soup. Martha Stewart shares some of her favorite restorative recipes.

Homemade soup is best -- and it isn't difficult to make. Most soup recipes don't need constant stirring as they simmer and flavors meld. Plus most recipes yield a big pot full of delicious soup, enough for several meals or to serve a crowd.

And there are so many kinds of soup to make, recipes for every night of chill weather. In the dead of winter, comfort comes in the form of a meatball soup or maybe something rich and a little more complex like a seafood chowder, soup, or stew that simply warms the soul. Perhaps you are trying to start the new year off on a healthier foot -- in which case, these Healthy Soup Recipes would be more your flavor. We're talking about Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Greens, Roasted Garlic and Beet Soup, Farro and Mushroom Soup, and many other delicious recipes.

Want something more brothy? Check out our collection of Asian Soup Recipes. We've included favorites like ramen and hot and sour soup as well as Vietnamese Pho and an irresistible Egg-and-Miso Breakfast Soup -- which we also enjoy for dinner.

Need something to warm up with midday? Try these Easy Lunchtime Soup Recipes, including Tomato Soup, Lentil Soup and 15-Minute White Bean Soup.

No matter what your preferences, there are some souper classics that hold a special place in all our hearts. Here are Martha's recipes for those all-time favorites:


Split-Pea Soup with Ham
David Loftus

Ham adds smokey flavor to split pea soup. Top each bowl with plenty of the homemade croutons; the recipe calls for whole-wheat bread croutons but Martha prefers to use brioche.



Deeply satisfying, this rich, soothing chicken soup is made with a whole chicken plus carrots, parsnips, onions, and fresh herbs.



Packed with chickpeas as well as butternut squash, leeks, celery, carrots, and potatoes, this is a nourishing meal in a bowl. The recipe calls for chicken stock but Martha often uses vegetable stock, and she sometimes substitutes kale for the escarole.

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