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Valentine's Day Color Block Bud Vases

Hand-painted bud vases make the most charming Valentine's Day decor.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paint in Party Streamer, Poodle Skirt, Ballet Slipper, Wild Blueberry

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Liquid Gilding, Gold

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Basic Brush Set

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Adhesive Stencil, Fancy Alphabet or similar

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil Tape

  • Ceramic bud vases


  1. Use stencil tape to mask off a diagonal line around vase for a “dipped” look.

  2. Apply two coats of Martha Stewart Crafts paint or liquid gilding, then remove tape. Repeat for 4-6 vases.

  3. Let paint dry completely, then position adhesive stencils on vases to spell out your preferred message.

  4. Apply two coats of contrasting paint. Remove stencils and let paint dry.

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