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DIY Hand-Painted Jewelry Dishes

These hand-painted jewelry dishes will declutter your collection in style. Also, they make great gifts and are super customizable. 

marbled jewelry dish

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paint in Party Streamer, Poodle Skirt, Wild Blueberry

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Liquid Gilding, Gold

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Basic Brush Set

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil Tape

  • Small ceramic dishes


  1. Tape off edges of the dish.

  2. Apply 2-3 coats of Martha Stewart Crafts acrylic craft paint to the surface. To add splatters, dip a brush in thinned paint (ratio: a drop or two of water to a dollop of paint), and tap the base of the paintbrush against a pencil (make an X shape and tap together).

  3. Let the paint fully dry. Use a detail brush to paint gilding accents onto the dish.

  4. For painting the edge of a dish, use a wide, flat brush -- press the flat part of the brush onto the top edge and continue dabbing paint onto the edge one brush-width at a time.

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