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3 Ways to Make Flavor-Packed Chicken Wings in the Oven (Hey, Super Bowl!)

Baked—not fried—is the way to chicken wing nirvana. Make a big batch and finish with one of our irresistible sauces (all three ingredients or less!). Take your pick.


These wings are baked, which saves the stovetop for making other snacks and simplifies the cleanup for you. Also, baked wings are totally hands off—so much easier than hovering over a deep fryer. Another bonus is no fat is added, as the wings cook in their own fat in the oven. We aren’t claiming they’re healthy, just that they’re addictive and less oily than the typical deep-fried version.


Plus, you can make these wings in advance and reheat them when guests arrive. The maple-Dijon wings are reheated as part of the recipe. For the Sriracha-Buffalo or sweet-and-sour orange wings, warm them in a 350-degree oven until heated through, about 10 minutes. Game day and beyond, you must try these recipes!

Baked Chicken Wings

Forget deep frying: All these wings require is seasoning with salt and 45 minutes in a 450-degree oven.


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Maple-Dijon Chicken Wings

Inspired by the classic honey-mustard combo and by chicken with mustard sauce, this three-ingredient recipe is an ode to grainy mustard and its new best friend, maple syrup. Serve with lemon wedges to balance out the spicy sweetness.


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Sweet-and-Sour Orange Chicken Wings

Orange chicken is a Chinese takeout sensation, but these wings are tastier and so much easier to make at home. They’re made with fresh ingredients, and the most surprising part: there’s no orange in the sauce. Tossing the wings with the sauce and orange slices provides plenty of zesty orange flavor—and makes these one of those ‘you-can’t-have-just-one’ recipes.


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Sriracha-Buffalo Chicken Wings

Our upgrade on the classic Buffalo wings made with Frank’s RedHot Sauce and butter remains a three-ingredient masterpiece, only the hot sauce is switched out for everyone’s favorite spicy condiment, Sriracha.


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Watch our Everyday Food host Sarah Carey whip up all three flavors of these delicious baked wings: