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7 Hilarious April Fools' Day Pranks to Try at Home

The coffee idea is pure genius. Muahahaha!

On April Fools' Day, you are one of two types of people: the prankster or the prankee. Rule number one: Don't be the prankee. Rule number two: Pick your victims and get them where they least expect it -- in their own home! 


Here are some perfectly mischievous ideas to get you started.


Photography by: Wendell T. Webber

1. Set Your Alarm (Actually Set All of Them)


Know a morning person? He won't be a morning person anymore after this rude awakening. In addition to your prankee's regular alarm, set a bunch of alarms to go off at the same time, and hide them around the bedroom so it forces him to get up and search for them.



What the Water?!


Catch her when she's least suspecting it (and barely even awake, if you want to be truly evil). When she stumbles into the bathroom and turns on the faucet, the water that gushes out will be a shocking blue color (with the help of nontoxic dye pellets that are originally designed to tint children's bathwater). 


Get the April Fools’ Blue Water Trick How-To
Photography by: Con Poulos

Sip on This


Things won't fare so well for your poor, unsuspecting prankee in the kitchen either. Does he take sugar in his coffee? Well, how about a spoonful of salt instead? Switch the sugar out for salt before she arrives at the breakfast table, and watch her face as she takes that first excruciating sip.


Photography by: Con Poulos

Drink Your (Blue) Milk


And for the kids? How about a nice tall glass of blue milk? Just add food coloring and let them pour, bug-eyed. When they ask what's wrong with the milk, act as if nothing's different. It must be their eyes!



This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Live with a neat freak? Someone whose favorite catchphrase is "use a coaster"? This phony-stain trick is sure to set him off. An overturned mug and some simple craft supplies are about to become his worst nightmare. Pick your poison: You can make a coffee, milk, or soda version of this trick. For evil extra credit, pick their favorite comforter, throw blanket, or couch to plant your (fake) spill.


Get the April Fools’ Fake Spill Trick How-To

Wardrobe Change


Someone's about to get a wardrobe makeover she didn't ask for. Rearrange the clothes in her drawers, closet, and under-bed storage. This is a great prank for a live-in partner or a roommate (especially if she has an, ahem, "problem" with leaving her clothes all around the place). Of course, it's nice to offer to arrange them back the way they were (you're not a complete monster, after all ... or are you?).


Let Them Eat Cake


Is it someone's birthday? You've hit the jackpot for all possible April Fools' Day scenario setups! On the outside, this cake looks like it's layered in fluffy buttercream frosting. But cut a slice and take a bite –- and the prankee will realize that it's meatloaf covered in mashed potatoes. Happy birthday!


Get the Birthday Meatloaf Cake Recipe