Nine Creative Ways to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

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We know how much time, energy, and money you've invested into making your house feel like a home on the inside—so why not give the same TLC to its exteriors? As it turns out, there are a number of reasons why making your home look its best on the outside is just as important as maintaining its interiors. For starters, creating serious curb appeal can help boost your property's overall value. If you're currently thinking about selling your home, ensuring that your space looks especially pleasing from the street will really work in your favor (just think of how many visitors a warm and welcoming porch can attract during an open house!). Finally, a home with a beautiful exterior—from well-manicured landscaping to front door décor that really pops—is a wonderful way to greet both guests and your return any day.

The best part about upping your home's curb appeal? There are so many ways to do it. Whether you've got a whole weekend to dedicate to home improvement projects (like fixing those window shutters or replacing broken siding) or just an afternoon to dress up your front door (adding lush greenery and swapping in some modern hardware), these designer-approved tips will help you find the upgrade that works for your schedule and budget.

Ready to get inspired? Click through to see what our experts recommend you do right now if you're looking to boost your home's curb appeal. And if you're seeking more ways to amp up your home's exteriors, check out these beautiful landscaping ideas, plus festive ways to deck out your front porch this summer.

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Go for the Greens

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There are few things in life that plants can't help fix. Just as they can help purify the air in your home, they can also instantly add cheer to your curb appeal. "Whether it's a wreath or a planter full of greens, this bit of nature gives liveliness to your front door," says Shea McGee of Utah-based interior design studio Studio McGee.

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Upgrade Your Hardware

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Something as simple as swapping out your doorknob for a handle or replacing those rusty, mismatched address numbers for a sleek new set can help make a stronger visual statement. Craving a bit of extra glam? Consider adding a knocker to your front door. "A brass knocker (like this one from Rejuvenation) can lend instant formality," says Living's home editor Lorna Aragon. "And this aged iron knocker would be perfect for a lake home in the country."

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Let Water Work Its Magic

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Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, but festive flora isn't the only way to plant a dash of nature at your front door. Add an element of serenity to your front stoop with a soothing water feature (try this DIY version with just a few gardening pots!).

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Hone in on Hedgerows


Carefully curated hedgerows serve double duty as a privacy shield and a pristine, picturesque accent to your home. And while this front yard addition may require a bit more time to train and grow, the regal results are certainly worth the effort.

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Don't forget a Doormat

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It's an easy way to both show off a bit of your personality while also helping guests to brush off dirt before stepping in. Consider this DIY to give your porch a nautical touch, or spring for Martha's favorite: an understated yet ultra-durable mat from Cape Cod Doormats. For extra design points, McGee says you can layer up your doormat with an indoor or outdoor rug. "This really takes your front door up a level and makes it feel more collected."

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Wow Them with Window Boxes

white window box with pink and purple flowers

Another easy way to add some extra charm to your abode: window boxes. Don't be afraid to play around with textures, heights, and color palettes. By lining your ledge with the right assortment of blooms, you can instantly dress up your windows and even help complement your home's exterior hues.

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Play with Personal Touches

front porch with plants and black swinging chair with yellow accents

Just like you'd create a gallery wall of family photos or accent a bedroom with a reupholstered vintage chair, don't forget to add your own personal pizazz to the exterior of your home. "Adding in personal touches like a ribbon to your wreath or using a favorite planter can make your home feel more like you and more intentional," says McGee. Some other clever ideas? Accent outdoor seating with throw pillows, create a cozy vibe with this hand-stitched runner DIY, or color-block your mailbox for a fun pop of color.

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Light the Way

fur throws on wire chairs on front porch

Sufficient and stylish lighting can not only ensure you and your guests' safety when heading to the front door, but it can also highlight some of your home's best features. Opt for for landscape illumination, like stake and path lights, to cast a warm glow along footpaths, or brighten up the architectural details of your home with sconces and pendant fixtures.

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Get a Step Ahead

stepping stones with plants and rocks around them

Don't muddy your home's reputation with a path that's past its prime. Wow guests from the moment they step foot in your yard with a clear cut walkway of rustic stone or brick pavers—small additions that can do wonders for your walkway.

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