Or should we say "Fairy GrandMartha"?
Credit: Fadil Berisha

How often have you wished that Martha herself would sweep into your living room (glittery ball gown and wand optional) and take over your laundry duties, the kitchen cleanup, the party planning for your next big event? Well, us too. We know she could finish these to-dos faster than you can say "bippity boppity boo."

1. When the laundry is piling up. (Because they haven't invented self-loading and folding clothes yet.)


2. When the whole house is in shambles. You know the scene: Clutter, messes, and spills... don't you just wish someone would drop in with a magic wand and wipe it all away? Wish a house call from Martha was an option.

Credit: Linda Pugliese

3. And your closet especially is a cluttered, jumbled mess. (As in: shoes, shoes, and more shoes.)

Credit: Raymond Hom

4. When you need something unique and awesome to zhoosh up your wardrobe. You know, any time you want something bedazzled, monogrammed, sequined, or patched up like new! You're not asking for a pair of glass slippers or anything... but a glitzy little accessory would feel nice. (And for the record, we wouldn't actually turn down a new pair of shoes!)

Credit: Petra Bindel

5. When you're planning your wedding. (Especially after the caterer bailed, the maid of honor is missing, and the invites were sent with the wrong date!)

Credit: Bryan Gardner

6. Or your best friend's baby shower.


7. Or your niece's birthday party. (And it calls for the most jaw-dropping cake she ever saw.)


8. When your in-laws make a "surprise" visit and the living room is an absolute wreck. (Cue the fastest clean sweep of the century.)


9. Or you're facing an extensive (and did we mention expensive) home renovation project. Why can't the new kitchen sink just install itself?


10. When your coworker asks what you're bringing to the Friday potluck and your answer is "Umm…"


11. When you need a Halloween costume with serious wow factor. Because you've been a witch for the past three years and it just isn't cutting it anymore.

Credit: Aaron Dyer

12. When you're hosting your first Thanksgiving. (Or worse, after you've burned the bird.)


13. When you're decorating for the holidays. (And the DIY part of it isn't going ... exactly as planned.)


14. When you just can't get that stubborn stain out.


15. Anytime you're folding a fitted sheet. Because that requires a magic touch from Martha herself.


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