Martha Stewart's Kitchen Secrets: 15 Creative Tricks to Make Cleaning a Cinch


A chef's kitchen is the site of countless culinary triumphs -- and even more clutter-filled cleanups. Thwart chaos in the kitchen with Martha's 15 most creative cleanup tips from "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook."

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Create a Consolidated Cleaning Caddy


In lieu of crowding a cupboard with haphazardly strewn cleaning agents, build a cleaning caddy to house your essential items. Martha's recommended cleaning caddy components include paper towels, microfiber cloths, a toothbrush, scouring pads in white and green nylon, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum polish, soft white cloths, kitchen brushes, a selection of fresh and old sponges, mild dishwashing soap, all-purpose household cleaner, mild abrasive cleaner, baking soda, white vinegar, glass cleaner, and gloves.

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Corral Clutter with Cups


Stylized small containers can creatively corral loose odds and ends. Make cleanliness a creative endeavor by dividing your minute kitchen items into charming cups or saucers for each drawer. The result is aesthetically pleasing and promotes a pristine kitchen.

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Give Dirty Dishware a Salty Scrub


If the remnants of your latest culinary masterpiece are stubbornly clinging to your cookery, rub down the pot or pan with a dry sponge and salt for a spot-free surface.

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Use a Baking Soda Boil for Patchy Pots


Baked-on food need not be the bane of your existence. Boil ¼ cup baking soda with several cups of water, and allow the pot to sit for an hour, then remove spots of food with a nonabrasive cooking utensil.

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Pop a Cork for Cleaner Knives

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Dip a clean wine cork in mild dishwashing liquid to gently buff away knife stains. Alternatively, use a cocktail of lemon juice and coarse salt to treat the stain.

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Keep Wooden Kitchen Tools Mildew-Free with Bleach


Water can warp wood and cause mildew. Instead of soaking wooden kitchen tools in water, dampen a cloth with a solution composed of ten parts water and one part chlorine bleach to thoroughly cleanse wooden implements.

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Refresh Your Garbage Disposal with an Aromatic Cocktail


An abundance of food particles left to linger in your garbage disposal can make for an unappetizing aroma. Give the garbage disposal a fragrant, deodorizing treatment with ground citrus peels or vinegar ice cubes.

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