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A Dazzling Polyhedron for Your New Year's Eve Party

Ring in the New Year right with this next-level party decoration!

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Gold metallic paper in various finishes

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Using the circle cutter, cut 20 6-inch circles out of the gold paper.

  2. Fold down edges of each circle so that you form an equilateral triangle in the center.

  3. Attach the edges of 10 circles together with double-sided tapeā€”alternate the direction of each circle so you have a straight chain.

  4. Attach the ends together to form a loop.

  5. Make the top of the polyhedron by attaching the sides of 5 circles together so they form a dome. Repeat with the remaining 5 circles for the bottom.

  6. Attach the bottom and the top to the central ring.

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