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How to Make Delicious Home Fries (and Radically Improve Your Breakfast)

They pair so well with scrambled eggs -- and other foods! Here are the tips, tricks, and recipes you need to cook home fries with a perfect crispy exterior and tender interior. They will just make your morning.


Home fries are an easygoing dish. These pan-cooked cut-up potatoes can be made to suit personal preference and are tough to mess up -- this classic version comes together in less than 30 minutes. Follow these easy tips for spuds that stand out:

Cut ingredients to a similar size. This helps them to cook evenly in the same amount of time -- preventing unfortunate mouthfuls of undercooked potatoes or onions -- and opens the floodgates for flavorful experiments. Try this autumnal twist on home fries, which relies on evenly sized cuts to melt together the mix of vegetables. 

Be patient with the cooking time. Depending on the size and shape of the potatoes, the cooking time will vary -- larger, chunkier cuts will take more time than smaller, thinner cuts. (The same applies to any add-ins -- denser vegetables will take longer to cook than their lighter counterparts.) With larger potatoes, cook covered and undisturbed at the start for about 5 minutes. Covering the skillet for a few minutes helps to seal in heat and mimic an ovenlike environment, where the same steady heat is able to help with cooking the potatoes evenly from all over and straight through to the center. Continue cooking potatoes, stirring occasionally, uncovered to release steam and encourage flavorful browning. 


Season the potatoes to taste. It takes very little to enhance this classic side -- salt and pepper will do the trick, and tasting the home fries is the only way to know if they’re properly seasoned. Try out finishing touches to make the home fries your own -- use up leftover herbs or sprinkle a favorite spice on top.  

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