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Meet T-Bone, Porterhouse's Smaller Steak Sibling

Give this bone-in steak the respect it deserves -- here's how to cook it and recipes for the sauces that will best complement it. Bring the steakhouse home!

This is what a perfect grilled steak looks like.

Both porterhouse and T-bone cuts are beloved for their two-for-one offer -- a T-shaped bone separates the flavorful strip steak from the buttery tenderloin. A porterhouse steak typically has a wider fillet from being cut from further on the back, whereas the T-bone is cut from toward the front.


On the Grill

Cooking a decadent bone-in steak can be tricky, as cooked meat shrinks away from the bone, reducing the steak’s direct contact with the pan. The risk of uneven cooking becomes a reality once this happens -- overcooking an expensive cut of meat ranks high on the list of cooks' fears -- as does inhibiting the creation of flavorful browned bits. Grilling helps with those logistics, so try a T-bone steak in these classic steak recipes:

This Perfect Grilled Steak recipe works for thicker cuts such as T-bone, porterhouse, or rib eye.

Or cook your sides on the grill at the same time, as this Grilled Porterhouse with Shallots and Potatoes recipe does.

Sear: The Skillet Method

For those times when you don't have access to a grill or it's just too cold to go out there, a cast-iron skillet and preheated oven will do right by any steak lover. The initial contact between the surface of the meat and the hot pan’s surface will sear the outside of the steak, while finishing the steak in the oven helps regulate the cooking so you can cook a thick steak such as a T-bone to the desired level of doneness.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Try this Seared Porterhouse Steak recipe with your T-bone.

And on the Side...

Pair the full-on flavor of T-bone steak with a sauce or topping that enhances its clean, beefy flavor.

Roasted Garlic is slightly sweet and almost creamy; it makes a great partner for steak.


• A compound butter, such as this jalapeno one, is a workhorse in the kitchen and conductor for flavors like chopped herbs.

• The bite in this Mustard-Horseradish Sauce highlights the soothing meaty flavors in a great steak.

• A classic French red-wine-based steak sauce, bordelaise makes the most of crunchy browned bits left behind in the pan.

Get the Bordelaise Sauce Recipe

Once you’ve nailed the T-bone, continue venturing into new (steak) territory.