Star Ribbon Ornaments

For an easy, no-sew ornament—ribbon is cut into lengths, looped, and pieced together with fabric glue, forming a figure-eight shape.


What You'll Need



  1. star-ribbon-ornament-1115_vert

    Cut three 8 1/2-inch-long pieces and one 7-inch-long piece of ribbon. (If ribbon is thin and you want to make it stiffer so star holds its shape better, back each ribbon piece with one of equal length and join with fusible webbing, according to package instructions.)

  2. Bend each 8½-inch piece into a loop, overlapping ends slightly; glue ends and also dab glue at "seam" on inside of loop. Pinch loop at that point, forming it into a figure-eight shape.

  3. At midpoint of 7-inch piece, snip into ribbon from each side, almost all the way through; fold down corners of cuts and glue. Slide jump ring onto ribbon. Dab glue to join the two ends of ribbon.

  4. Glue 2 ribbon loops together to form an X shape. Glue ribbon with jump-ring hanger on top. Glue third ribbon top over hanger, hiding all seams.

  5. Glue a Dresden onto center of star ribbon. If desired, layer another Dresden on top; put small adhesive-foam squares between layers for dimension. Add wire to jump ring to hang ornament.

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