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Star Ribbon Hanger for Christmas Ornaments

Use these little hangers to embellish ornaments you already have; attach them to the jump rings with a bit of wire.

Photography: Katya De Grunwald

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December/January 2015


  • Ribbon, 10 millimeters (rayon grosgrain metallic ribbon, in color 197, $2.50 a meter, Shindo, 212-868-9311)

  • Clear fabric glue (by Magna-Tac, $12 for 8 oz.,

  • Jump ring (by Bead Landing, in Silver, $3 for 105,

  • Thin wire


  1. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon: one 6½ inches long, two 3¼ inches, and one 3/4 inch.

  2. Bend and glue the two 3¼-inch pieces into loops. Dab glue inside loops; pinch at center to form figure-eight shapes. Wrap 3/4-inch piece around center of one loop; glue. Place on top of other loop; glue.

  3. On long ribbon, snip in from each side, 11/2 inches from end, almost to center; fold down corners and glue (see diagram for Simple Ribbon Ornament). Slide jump ring onto ribbon. Dab glue to join the two ends of ribbon into a loop. Place crossed ribbons on top and glue.

  4. Add an ornament to jump ring. Use wire to hang from ribbon loop.

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