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Glittered Bird, Nest, and Mushroom Ornaments

A flock of feathered friends—and their nests—look right at home in this enchanted winter forest.

Photography: Katya De Grunwald

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December/January 2015


  • Detailing brush ($9 for a set of 5, by Martha Stewart Crafts,

  • Craft glue ($4 for 4 oz., by Martha Stewart Crafts,

  • Silver glitter ($5 for 1.5 oz., in Tourmaline, Turquoise, and Sterling, by Martha Stewart Crafts,

  • Lametta (tinsel roping), or tinsel garland and silver wire (½" and ¼", from $8 for 2 yd.,

  • Artificial mushrooms (Decorative toadstools (similar to shown), $8 for 12,

  • Craft glue


  1. Using brush, add details to birds with glue, such as outlining wings and tail, dotting tips of beaks, and making speckles on body. While still wet, sprinkle with glitter. Position birds in tree and hang ribbons from their beaks.

  2. Spiral lametta into a nest shape, or wrap tinsel garland around wire and spiral that into a nest shape.

  3. Brush mushroom caps with craft glue; sprinkle with glitter and arrange around tree.

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