Our stylish copper-and-wood menorah is hand-constructed with materials easily found at most home-improvement centers: a block of oak and small metal couplings (ordinarily used for joining plumbing pipes) for the main part, and a piece of oak hobby board and metallic trim for the base.

To accommodate the shamash candle (the middle one that lights the others), we drilled a shallower hole in the middle so that it stands highest. Tip: To avoid spraying melted wax, place your index finger between flame and lips before blowing out each candle. Hanukkah candles, creativecandles.com.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Mark 9 spots down center of oak block, each 1 inch apart.

Step 2

Clamp block to work surface. To make hole for shamash candle, measure bit 3/8 inch from tip and mark with painters’ tape. Drill bit into middle (fifth) mark until it reaches tape. Remove tape from bit.

Step 3

Measure bit 5/8 inch from tip and mark with painters’ tape. Drill remaining 8 holes, using new tape as guide.

Step 4

Sand block and hobby board. Stain, following package instructions; let dry completely.

Step 5

With snips, cut two 10 1/2-inch and two 3-inch pieces of brass strip. Spray-paint brass pieces. Using adhesive, glue strips to edges of hobby board, then glue block to hobby board.

Step 6

Insert copper couplings in holes.


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