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10 Times Martha's Twitter Gave Us Life

Oh, Twitter. Source of news, jokes, and endless entertainment. Most of what comes in our feed is gibberish, but every once in a while, you get a real gem. Here are the times we feel like Martha really hit it out of the park.




"Yeah. I am driving at 60mph, talking on my phone and tweeting at the same time!!! Its fun!!! Think I am really???????" 

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: Once again we’re reminded that Martha is the queen of multitasking. YOLO! (We kid, and she was too. We don’t recommend tweeting and driving.) What good is Twitter if you can't joke around?


"I made yummy edible holiday goodies this morning on @TODAYshow. Hv a look & try it yourself"

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: Even Martha knows her creations are almost too good eat. It’s important to remind us that YES, you can eat these totally gorgeous treats.


"Did a lot of window shopping on Beverly rodeo and canon. Best time to shop is when all the stores are closed everything very cheap then"

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: You just can't argue with that logic.



Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: Either Martha is really into "PLL" ("Pretty Little Liars") or she’s created the most relatable tweet of all time. Same, Martha. Same.


"i wish i could explain everything here on twitter about the broken IPad, the stolen IPhone, the silly joke about repairs and my frustration!"

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: Because we’ve all been there with Apple. (*Holds "Hunger Games" Hand Sign Up*)


"Michael Vera and I will be on letterman tonight wow. He looks the same as in the movies"

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: "What's his name again? Gah! The cute kid on that really funny show! I looooove him!" All been there! 


"Can I go home now? I think the game is over."

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: Even Martha knows when to call a good night quits.


"Do you think I am hip?"

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life:  One minute you’re in, one minute you’re out. Martha just isn’t afraid to check on her status. (Face it –- you’ve asked yourself this too.)


"Drones are trending."

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: Martha is our favorite news source of course. 


 "Already had a wu, one of my cats is tang, soooooooo?"

Why This Tweet Gives Us Life: Self-explanatory. Martha, you’re the queen.