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Dempsey & Carroll

Features Editor
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Founded in 1878, Dempsey & Carroll was among the finest stationers of its day. The company still thrives more than 125 years later largely because it has stuck to the time-honored, quality-over-quantity methods of engraver John Dempsey and his business partner, George Carroll. At its manufacturing facility in Baltimore, engravers hand-carve a name, monogram, or motif onto a copper or steel plate. A printing press stamps the plate onto heavy paper made from a special blend of cotton fibers milled in the U.S. The result is an exquisitely refined stationery that “feels good in your hands and picks up ink beautifully,” says president and CEO Lauren Marrus. Text messages and emails may now dominate our daily correspondence, but “there are times when you want to make a deeper connection,” Marrus says, and “a handwritten note goes a long way.”

Why We Love It

For its Pen & Ink Snowflake holiday cards, center, Dempsey & Carroll created a custom blend of silver and gray inks to achieve a lustrous but understated look. It’s this attention to detail—also visible in the way the company lines each envelope by hand—that keeps its loyal customers coming back.


Holiday-card box sets, from $65 for 10, in Snow Crystals With Greeting (top right) and Pen & Ink Snowflake (center),