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Glowing-Reflection Holiday Wreath

Make this beautiful wreath as a Christmas-themed décor project. Once hung, it'll serve as a welcoming passage to a fantasy winter wonderland. 

Photography: Kate Mathis

Source: Martha Stewart


Spruce up your entryway this holiday season with a festive wreath decoration. Perfect for Christmas through New Year's, the sparkling silver hue lends itself well to both holidays. With only a handful of steps and materials, this project makes for lovely holiday décor. 


  • Silver spray paint (Martha Stewart Metallic Finishing Spray in Sterling, $3.19,

  • Floral craft ring, 18 inches (Beacon Floral Craft Ring, $5,

  • Floral appliques, two types (Flower pair silver beads and sequins appliqué, 6" by 3½", $4; and flower with silver beads and sequins appliqué, 4" by 7", $7,

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Clear fabric glue (Beacon "Fabri-Tac" Permanent Adhesive, $6.97,

  • Fabric scraps

  • Wooden blocks, each ½ inch


  1. Spray-paint the ring. Let dry.

  2. Arrange 12 flower appliqués around the ring (there will be open spaces). Attach with hot glue.

  3. Cut individual flowers out of the large three-flower appliqué (we used 6 to make 18 flowers). Apply fabric glue to wrong sides of flowers. Sandwich stem wire between appliqué and a fabric scrap (this allows you to bend appliqué). Let dry; cut away excess fabric.

  4. Hot-glue each flower to a wooden block.

  5. Position on ring as desired, filling in gaps, on top of first layer of appliqués. Secure with hot glue. Let dry.

  6. Bend appliqués up to create dimension; hang.

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