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Warm-Welcome Sconce

Photography: Ryan Liebe

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Clamp

  • Marble tile, 4 by 12 inches

  • Drill

  • Diamond drill-bit kit

  • Lamp parts (Honed Carrara slab, 4" by 12", $6.50 for 3; drill-bit kit, by Easy Diamond, $20; Bear Claw 4-in-1 screw hooks, by Hangman, 60 lb., $6 for 12; and brass lock-up cap, 9/16", $2.50 for 2, Male hex-head nipple, ¾", in Brass, 80 cents; threaded straight-edge turned brass check ring, 1½", $2; 90- degree arm with ⅛ IPS female thread, ¾", $20; threaded hollow brass nipple, ¾", 30 cents; turned brass check ring, 1½", $2; and crystal arm cup no-shoulder, 1/8", $2,

  • Anchor screw

  • Adhesive, such as Liquid Nails

  • Brass cap


  1. Clamp tile to work surface. Mark 2 spots for drill holes, each centered 1½ inches from top and bottom.

  2. Drill top hole with 6-millimeter bit according to kit directions. Drill bottom hole with 3-millimeter bit.

  3. Attach and assemble lamp parts (in order shown, counterclockwise from bottom left): From back of tile, insert male hex-head nipple into bottom hole. From front, screw threaded straight-edge turned brass check ring onto nipple. Add on remaining lamp parts in this order: brass arm, threaded hollow brass nipple, turned brass check ring, and crystal arm cup.

  4. Hang tile on wall with anchor screw. Use adhesive to glue brass cap over screw.

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