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Pretty Flowers Arranged with Moss

An amaryllis and orchids in complementary colors make a cheerful display on a buffet or entryway table. The blanket of moss hides the individual pots, so the plants appear to sprout up from the ground.

Photography: Lennart Weibull

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December/January 2015


  • Small branches

  • Bubble packaging


  1. Position plants (in original plastic nursery pots) in tray so tall amaryllis stands in center and orchids surround it.

  2. For a natural look, replace poles holding orchids upright with branches. Tie together loosely with twine.

  3. Fill in tray around pots with bubble packaging, then keep adding packaging to form a mound.

  4. Cover bubble packaging with moss.

  5. Keep out of direct light and heat. Mist moss at least once a day. Water orchids with a long spouted watering can as needed.

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