Amaryllis and orchids in complementary colors make a cheerful display on a buffet or entryway table.
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Learn how to make a stunning flower arrangement with our simple how-to. This colorful, nature-inspired arrangement uses a blanket of moss to creatively hide the individual pots, which makes the plants appear as if they are sprouting up from the ground.       


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Position plants (in original plastic nursery pots) in the tray so the tall amaryllis stands in center and the orchids surround it.

Step 2

For a natural look, replace the poles holding the orchids upright with branches. Tie them together loosely with twine.

Step 3

Fill in the tray around pots with bubble packaging, then keep adding packaging to form a mound.

Step 4

Cover the bubble packaging with moss.

Step 5

Keep the arrangement out of direct light and heat. Mist moss at least once a day. Water orchids with a long spouted watering can as needed.


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