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3-D Snowflake Cards

Source: Martha Stewart


  • White copier paper

  • Ruler

  • Holiday-themed cover-weight paper

  • Stapler

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Cut a piece of holiday-themed paper into a 8-by-6-inch rectangle. Score the paper in the middle and fold it into a 4-by-6-inch card.

  2. To make the snowflake, first cut a piece of white printer paper into a 2-by-7-inch rectangle.

  3. Score the white rectangle every quarter inch with the scoreboard.

  4. Squash the scored rectangle together so that all the pleats are closed. Staple either end to keep it closed.

  5. Using the craft knife, carefully cut out small triangles, rectangles, and other shapes in the stack of folds. Cut along either folded edge of the stack.

  6. Cut about a quarter inch off each end of the stack to release it from the staples.

  7. Tape the snowflake medallion to the card.

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