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Five Flavor Boosting Ingredients Plus Vegan Recipes That Use Them

A splash of vinegar. A dash of spice. A touch of heat. We’ve enlivened a few favorite vegetable side dishes with an array of ingredients that enhance flavors with a light touch -- so you can fill up your plate without feeling too full. (As a bonus, all are vegan, too.)

Photography by: linda xiao

1. Mustard

It’s more than a condiment. Just a spoonful will add its signature spiciness to dressings and marinades. We like mustards made with whole seeds, white wine, and vinegar.

Photography by: linda xiao

Green beans are tossed with a mustard vinaigrette and raisinnut croutons. Sweet and sour never tasted so garden-fresh!

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Photography by: linda xiao

2. Vinegar

Use the champagne and rice-wine varieties when you’d like a subtle acidity; opt for red- and white-wine vinegars for a stronger punch. Balsamic adds a hint of tart sweetness.

Photography by: linda xiao

Not your ordinary sweet potatoes, these are twice-cooked, punched up with vinegar and thyme, and meant to be enjoyed in their fiber-rich skins.

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Photography by: linda xiao

3. Herbs

Toss hearty herbs like rosemary and thyme into your dish at the beginning of cooking. Hold off on adding the delicate leafy sort (dill, mint, basil) until the end of cooking, to keep essential oils intact.

Photography by: John von Pamer

Go haute and whole grain with this delicious salad of roasted broccoli, black rice, almonds, and plenty of parsley.

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Photography by: linda xiao

4. Hot Pepper

Crumbled chile de arbol, ground cayenne pepper, and red-pepper flakes produce a fiery effect.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Sauteed greens and avocado top a baked sweet potato in this colorful recipe, a touch of cayenne brings it all together.

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Photography by: linda xiao

5. Citrus

Use the whole fruit: Grated or thinly sliced zest lends a mellow citrus note; fresh juice adds brightness.

Photography by: linda xiao

Shaved brussels sprouts heat up and sparkle with dried chile and Meyer-lemon juice. Quinoa and walnuts make the salad hearty.

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