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American-Made Cheese: Our Food Editors' Favorites

From coast to coast, small American dairies are producing gooey, stinky, creamy, delightfully decadent cheeses in styles typically available in the past only as imports. Here are our food editors’ picks.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

1. Good Thunder

Alemar Cheese Company



Inspired by the French cheese Reblochon, this irresistibly pungent, nutty washed-rind cheese spreads easily over a crisp cracker or piece of crusty bread.


$11 for 7 oz.,


2. Cavalry Camp Ash

Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese

New York


Vegetable ash is dusted onto this young goat cheese before it is aged. The result has a delectable earthy taste and a distinct black-and-white rind.


$8 for 4 oz.,


3. Singing Brook

Blackberry Farm



Its mild, nutty flavor makes it a natural for canapés as well as grits. A Manchego-like aged sheep’s cheese, it’s semisoft and has a hard rind.


$32 for 1 lb.,


4. Peony

Rivers Edge Chèvre



Delicious on its own or crumbled over a salad, this fresh goat cheese bursts with fragrant, spicy pink peppercorns.


$32 for 1 lb.,


5. Garretts Ferry

Many Fold Farm



From the Chattahoochee Hill Country, this soft, milky sheep’s cheese makes an exceptionally mouthwatering match for cranberry-pistachio crackers.


From $14 for ½ lb.,


6. Havilah

Cherry Grove Farm

New Jersey


Aged for 15 to 18 months, this hard cheese is made from raw cow’s milk. Serve it with honey and walnuts, or grate it over pasta.


$23 for 1 lb.,


7. Hooligan

Cato Corner Farm



A twice-weekly brine bath for two months before packaging ensures pungency for this award winner. Made from pasture-raised Jersey cow’s milk, it melts beautifully.


$30 for 1 lb.,


8. Kunik

Nettle Meadow

New York


This buttery triple cream blends tangy goat’s milk and rich Jersey cow’s cream for a flavor and texture that resemble those of classic Brie, but with zing.


$35 for ½ lb.,


9. West West Blue

Parish Hill Creamery



A drizzling of good maple syrup helps bring out the flavor of this hearty Gorgonzola-style blue cheese.


$24 for 1 lb.,


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