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Dip-Dyed Linen Napkins

Add a bit of shimmer (and a hit of color) to your holiday table with dip-dyed metallic table linens. 

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


Lightweight metallic linen, $15 a yd., Rit dye, $4.50,


  • Lightweight metallic linen

  • T-pin

  • Liquid dye, such as Rit


  1. Cut a 20-by-20-inch square of linen for each napkin you’d like to make. Using T-pin, gently pull out horizontal threads along edges of fabric, leaving selvage edge as is. Continue unraveling threads until fringe measures about ¼ inch.

  2. Dip-dye selvage edge in dye bath of desired color (we used Rit dye in Scarlet), following our dip-dyeing instructions. Hang to dry, at least 1 hour. Wash dyed napkins before use. 

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