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Circus Crafts: Acrobats and Animals

Ladies and gentlemen: Presenting some of your favorite big-top characters, in paper-craft form! 

Photography: Katya De Grunwald

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December/January 2015


Paper honeycomb balls, from $9 for 12,


  • Card stock (Cover stock, by Dutch Felt, 8½" by 11", in Creamery, $9 for 25 sheets,

  • Glue stick

  • Micro hole punch

  • Small black paper fasteners (Round brads, by EyeLet Outlet, 4 mm, $6.50,

  • Crepe paper or colored paper (Italian crepe paper, in Metallic Gold, $12,

  • Double-sided tape (optional)


  1. Download and print clip art onto card stock; print pattern on back, if desired. Cut out all pieces. For ringmaster, use glue stick to apply tissue paper to jacket; trim.

  2. Use hole punch to make holes as indicated; assemble pieces with fasteners. Make another hole at top of each for hanging, if desired.

  3. Embellish figures with crepe-paper and tissue-paper details: skirts, cuffs, epaulets, shirts, etc. (Cut pieces for embellishments, and cinch and shape as necessary with your fingers to get the effect you want.) Or cut colored paper to fill in shapes on figures. Use double-sided tape or glue stick to adhere.

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