How simple is this project? You can use the same template to cut out each of the three layers that make up the mask. And because the bias tape serves as the trim, sewing is straightforward and foolproof.

A sight for tired eyes, our handmade sleep masks are stylish and useful—and make thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list, from your frequent-flyer friend to your always-on-the-go partner. Lucky for you, they’re also a cinch to create: Just choose the materials (pick soft fabrics in patterns that will suit the recipients’ tastes), put them together, and sew it all up. You can make a few in a single sitting, then rest easy: You’ve just shortened your holiday to-do list, beautifully.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download and print template; cut out. Trace onto flannel, batting, and front fabric; cut out with fabric scissors. Mark the 2 spots on front fabric where elastic should go, as indicated on template.

Step 2

Layer pieces in order, from back to front—flannel, batting, front fabric—with right sides of flannel and fabric both facing out.

Step 3

Pin elastic at marked points on front fabric, lining up with edge of mask.

Step 4

Unfold one side of bias tape and align unfolded edge with edge of mask. Fold over 1/4 inch of one end. Then pin tape all around, overlapping ends of tape by 1/4 inch.

Step 5

Using top crease as a guide, stitch in that crease all around mask, as shown.

Step 6

Flip mask so flannel side (back of mask) is facing up. Fold tape over raw edge of mask and pin all around.

Step 7

Hand-sew binding to flannel using a slip stitch. (See our how-to.)


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