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Candy Corn Halloween Garland

Have all the candy corn you want ... without getting a single cavity!

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Martha Stewart Crafts acrylic craft paint in Pollen and Pumpkin

  • Martha Stewart Crafts paintbrush

  • White card-stock paper

  • Orange paper straws

  • Martha Stewart Crafts all-purpose scissors


  1. Brush stripes of orange and yellow paint on the paper. Make sure the stripes fit within the shape of the pennant punch. Let dry.

  2. Punch out pennant shapes from the painted paper.

  3. Connect the shapes together to form a garland.

  4. To turn it into a cake topper, cut small slits on the top of two paper straws.

  5. Slide either end of the garland into the slits in the straws and place the straws in the top of a cake.

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