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11 Ways to Unplug When You’re a Martha Person

Working at MSLO is not a sprint -- it's a marathon! And every marathon runner needs a little downtime to be able to bounce back ... and not burn out. We polled the office, and here are the most popular ways our staffers unwind.


We Bring Essential Oils with Us ... Everywhere!
Martha people know to be prepared for all situations. At bedtime or midday meetings, we believe in the power of peaceful, serene scents to help balance our mood. When we want inspiration, we grab peppermint and eucalyptus. When we want calm, we go for lavender and frankincense. 

We Take Lunchtime Walks
It's too nice out to stay cooped up staring at a screen all day. Burning out happens when you don't take some breather time -- so grab a snack and head outside to get some vitamin D. Want to get daring? Leave your phone at your desk. Go on. We know you can do it. 


We Do Yoga
When we're not busy eating all the food made by our test kitchens, we are sitting at our desks, typing away -- and our backs are feeling it. Yoga helps us focus when we're working toward our deadlines and keeps up our strength when we're running from meeting to meeting! 


We Bike It
There is nothing better than getting lost on a bike in NYC. There's also no better way of getting from point A to B. Several people bike to work every day, and even more take full advantage of Citibike.


We Have Breakfast Meetups
When you are trying to juggle a career, health, and family, or just trying to figure out who you are (hello), it's not always easy to find time to see your friends -- all of whom are doing the exact same thing. Instead of trying to race to happy hour and canceling at the last minute -- you know you're not going to get there the way this day is going -- try doing what a lot of us at the Martha office do: breakfast meetups! Get up early and meet up with a peer at your favorite cafe or park bench before work. Not only is there food, but you'll be super energized to take on the rest of the day!



We Bake from a Book
Take your face away from your iPhone for one second and actually follow the recipe from a printed book -- no banner ads getting in the way of your ingredient list, no texts distracting you from the exact measurements. Most baking accidents and slip-ups come from not paying attention; imagine how good those brownies are going to taste when you focus on only them and not your push notifications.


We Paint in the Park
That cheapy pack of watercolors from your local store isn't just for kids. You don't have to paint anything specific or even be a good painter. (True story: Not all of us are incredible painters here at the Martha office.) It's not about being good (because "good" is relative), it's about allowing yourself to creatively explore in an outdoor setting. Plus, you look super cool as the person painting by themselves by the trees ... so artsy! 


We Try Not to Check Emails on Weekends
Not just work emails ... all emails. Technology makes us feel as if we are on call all the time, but setting personal boundaries is important. It's the weekend! Time for you to breathe. 


We Garden
We all have some sort of plant or flower in our homes that we take care of, whether it's in our backyards or on our apartment windowsills. Martha people choose to surround themselves with beautiful things, and those things help to keep us motivated. 


We Take Ourselves Out on Dates 
The best way Martha people unplug is by literally taking ourselves off the grid. Away. Not talking to anyone. Best kind of day is one spent eating pho by yourself in a restaurant while reading the paper, hitting up the MoMA to see the latest exhibit, getting a manicure for the heck of it, and then spending time people watching in the nearest park.