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Giant Candy-Corn Fringe Piñata

No need for store-bought pinatas! It’s easy to make a fall-ready fringed-out pinata with our fringe cutter from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Cardboard or thick paper

  • Martha Stewart Crafts scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Martha Stewart Crafts fringe cutter

  • Tissue paper in white, yellow, and orange

  • Martha Stewart Crafts glue stick


  1. Use your scissors to cut cardboard or thick paper in to two indentical triangles with rounded corners. Cut a long strip of the cardboard or thick paper -- one long enough to go fully around the perimeter for the triangular shape. 

  2. Adhere the long strip along the edges of the two triangles with the hot glue. Leave a small open space so you can slip in the candy. Your pinata should now be three-dimensional.

  3. Fill with candy!

  4. Set the measurement tool on your fringe cutter to two inches so your fringe length is uniform.

  5. Cut long strips of fringe in all three colors. Working from the bottom, use your glue stick to attach the fringe strips to the pinata.

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