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Flying Desserts and Breakfast Tacos from the Test Kitchen: This Week on 42 Burners

If stove tops could talk, the 42 burners in the test kitchen of Martha Stewart Living would have a lot of stories to tell. This series gives you an inside look at what goes on in the culinary world's most coveted workshop. For more, follow @42burners.


Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Photographer @pissinginthepunchbowl made an early-morning visit to the office this week and enjoyed a stunning breakfast taco made by food editor @brooklyncooks.

Make Your Own Breakfast Taco in Less Than 30 Minutes


Photography by: Greg Lofts

@shirabochar was caught trying to enact the five-second rule on this yummy-looking tart.

Make Your Own Tart -- But Be Careful!


Photography by: Lindsay Strand

Our friends at @mastbrothers found these cacao pods just for us. Wait until you see what we do with them. 

Amp Up Your Knowledge on Edible Tropical Plants Like Cacao