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Faux Flowers: A Fall Wall-Decor Craft

Combine paint colors for custom hues. We added a little brown to yellow for a rich gold tone.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2015


  • Acrylic craft paint, in various colors ($2, in Chestnut Brown and Pollen, by Martha Stewart Crafts,

  • Hot-glue gun ($15, by Martha Stewart Crafts,

  • Assorted pinecones, pods, acorns, and other natural decorations (Natural pinecones, $6 for 1 lb., Natural bakuli pods, $8 for 12 oz., and natural dried casuarina pods, $5 for 8 oz.,

  • Dried twigs


  1. Thin paint with a little water to the consistency of heavy cream. Immerse flowers in paint until completely coated. Remove; let excess paint drip off. Set on newspaper; let dry completely.

  2. Hot-glue flowers, pinecones, pods, and acorns to dried twigs as desired. Arrange in basket.

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