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Hanging Basket of Fall Flowers Wall-Art

Turn a hanging grapevine basket into a vase for an arrangement of golden dahlias that will never wilt. The wooden blooms are painted and glued, along with pinecones and pods, to dried twigs gathered from the yard.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2015


(Also pictured: Antique Viennese rattan chair, 


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  • Acrylic craft paint, in various colors (Pictured: Martha Stewart Crafts Paint, in Chestnut Brown and Pollen, $2 each,

  • Wood flowers (Pictured: Dahlia sola-wood flowers, 4",

  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

  • Assorted pinecones, pods, acorns, and other natural decorations (Pictured: Natural pinecones, $6 for 1 lb., Natural bakuli pods, $8 for 12 oz., and natural dried casuarina pods, $5 for 8 oz.,

  • Dried twigs

  • Hanging basket (Pictured: Hanging basket, 10", $11,


  1. Thin paint with a little water to the consistency of heavy cream. Immerse flowers in paint until completely coated. Remove; let excess paint drip off. Set on newspaper; let dry completely.

  2. Hot-glue flowers, pinecones, pods, and acorns to dried twigs as desired. Arrange in basket.

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