If you were waiting for a special occasion, we have news: This is it!

By Alexandra Churchill
October 09, 2015

So you think there's no reason to host a party. Either there's not enough time, it takes too much work, or (gasp) you think the party's over when it comes to parties. But if there's one thing we believe, it's this: Every day, there's something worth celebrating.

1. Everyone likes a swanky, Insta-worthy event. (Hashtag included.)

Credit: Sang An

2. Or an impromptu weekend hangout among friends.

3. It gives you a good opportunity to dust off your fancy shoes. You know, the pair you hold onto just for "special occasions."

4. And the perfect excuse to test out that new appetizer recipe. (Seriously, you need help diving into this epic platter of macaroni-and-cheese bites. Or maybe not. No judgment here.)

Credit: David Malosh

5. And out of your friends, who wouldn't love to make it rain with this confetti you had printed with their faces? We repeat: Confetti. Printed with their faces.


6. A party unleashes your inner DIY diva. Everyone will gush over these candy party favors. "I Chews You"? Come on, that's adorable.

Credit: Burcu Avsar

7. One word: PINATA!

Credit: David Meredith

8. One more (delicious) word: CAKE.

Credit: Tara Donne

9. If you love something, chances are there's an official national day to celebrate it.

Credit: Charlotte Jenks Lewis

10. Case in point: National Book Lovers Day, National Chocolate Day, or International Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Fact: All of these actually exist.)

11. And even if not, that's okay! If you love carving pumpkins, knitting teeny-tiny toys, or an afternoon cup of tea, grab a group of your best friends and get on with your bad self.

Credit: John Kernick

12. There's always something worthy of a charitable cause.

13. Any morning can be a coffee date among friends.

14. Any afternoon can become a crafternoon.

15. And let's be honest: Every hour is happy hour.

Credit: Chris Court

16. Birthdays are wonderful, but they only come once a year. And other events like graduations, baby showers, and weddings only come once in a lifetime. Wouldn't you love that happy, belated feeling every day?

Credit: Sang An

17. Because in the end, you don't need a birthday, a graduation, or a wedding as an excuse to party. You have your friends, a bottle of wine, and a fridge full of snacks. And isn't that worth celebrating?

Credit: Taylor Gage Photography


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