The 15 Cheesy, Comforting Vegetarian Lasagnas of Your Dreams

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Homemade lasagna is soul food, and these delicious, cheesy vegetarian lasagnas are recipes you'll want to make and enjoy all year long.

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Lasagna is one of our all-time favorite baked pastas to make all year long, and while the cheesy, comforting dish is often known for being meaty, you can absolutely forgo the animal proteins and turn it into a rich vegetarian dish instead. If that idea appeals to you, you'll be pleased to know that we have many vegetarian lasagna recipes that are sure to delight. What each of our meat-free iterations share is that they are multi-layered oozy baked pastas in their own right. They are bubbling, bronzed, and brick-like, and can absolutely hold their own against their meat-filled counterparts.

When you're making a lasagna, the cheese you use—whether ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, or fontina—is always important; in our Skillet Three-Cheese Lasagna, it takes centerstage, but in some of our other recipes, you'll find it plays more of a supporting role. Either way, it lends creamy, delicious flavor to every single bite, and it's important to use a quality brand.

Proving that vegetarian lasagna is a dish to enjoy year round, our collection of recipes includes one that are best for fall (hello, butternut squash lasagna), ones that are just right for summer (no oven needed for one deconstructed riff), and recipes that shine whenever you feel like turning the oven on, such as our Mushroom-Eggplant Lasagna, Very Vegetable Lasagna, and the Spinach Lasagna you see right here.

There is one truly surprising thing about this collection: Not all our veggie lasagna recipes are pasta based. It's decidedly different, but our Matzo Spinach Lasagna works oh so well. And be sure to give our Escarole, Kale, White Bean, and Tomato Lasagna a try; creamy cannellini bean layers replace the lasagna sheets in this gluten-free version.

There's a lot to love about vegetarian lasagna: The layers! The vegetables! The cheese(s)! The not-quite-square portions you always manage to cut. And don't forget the leftovers. Put your oven to work tonight and enjoy slices for lunch all week long.

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Mushroom-Eggplant Lasagna

Mushroom and Eggplant Lasagna
Bryan Gardner

In this meat-free recipe, mushrooms add umami, eggplant soaks up the sauce's flavor, and both give the dish a hearty, satisfying texture.

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Three-Cheese Skillet Lasagna


Parmesan, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses are used in this indulgent skillet dinner. Not only is this lasagna delicious, it's also a fast route to baked pasta: It takes just 30 minutes to make and 30 minutes to bake.

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Squash Lasagna with Spinach

David Prince

Layered with sweet, nutty kabocha squash and spinach plus a rich Gruyère and creamy ricotta cheese filling, this lasagna is just right for sweater weather.

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Swiss-Chard Lasagna


No spinach or béchamel here: Swiss chard is layered with noodles, a quick tomato sauce, and mozzarella for an easy baked-pasta dinner.

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Very Vegetable Lasagna

Anson Smart

The name says it all: This dish contains two pounds of zucchini, plenty of spinach, and marinara sauce!

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Rich Artichoke and Mushroom Lasagna


Make this decadent dinner any time of the year. It uses canned artichoke hearts and roasted mushrooms, combined with a simple, creamy béchamel sauce. It's a meal of substance and flavor.

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Butternut Squash and Sage Lasagna


Classic fall flavors fill this pasta dish. Slices of roasted butternut squash are mixed with ricotta, egg yolks, cream, and mozzarella to create a luscious filling for lasagna noodles.

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Wild Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

wild mushroom and spinach lasagna
Christopher Baker

Fancy enough for company but easy enough to prepare on a weeknight, this baked pasta features mushrooms such as chanterelles, shiitake, and oyster. They have a satisfying umami-rich taste, similar to red meat. It's a most satisfying and elegant meatless meal.

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Escarole, Kale, White Bean, and Tomato Lasagna


A little different and altogether delicious, that's this vegetarian lasagna that just happens to also be gluten-free. Creamy cannellini bean puree stands in for the noodles and are layered with sautéed cremini mushrooms, wilted kale and escarole, spicy tomato sauce, and plenty of Parmesan.

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Zucchini Lasagna

zucchini lasagna

When you find yourself with too much zucchini, make this baked pasta. It's so good that you should make it other times, too. It's meat- and tomato-free, what Italians would call lasagna bianca.

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No-Bake Summer Lasagna


Lasagna in less than 30 minutes? Yes, this deconstructed dish has all the pasta, ricotta, and tomatoes you love in a lighter, faster form. No oven time needed: The noodles are boiled then dressed with the other ingredients.

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Rich Spinach and Leek Lasagna


This satisfying lasagna calls for a rich béchamel sauce, but it's almost as divine with our Basic Bechamel Sauce. Also be sure to try its tomatoey sibling Light Spinach and Leek Lasagna.

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Free-Form Lasagna with Edible Weeds

Free-Form Lasagna With Edible Weeds
Kana Okada

Not your traditional lasagna: This oven-free version uses wild greens, such as purslane, sheep sorrel, and chickweed, with noodles and a lemony ricotta mixture. It's light and delicious.

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Matzo Spinach Lasagna

Burca Avsar

The perfect answer to the question of what to do with leftover matzo from the seder.

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